Wakeman in the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times covered our recent collaboration with the Institute of PR, focused on the use of DEI language in the communications industry. Read the article here.

Addressing the use of language is a core service offering for our agency. As part of our Lexicon Project, we invite organizations into the deep exploration of developing and operationalizing language and narratives that translate to effective and culturally competent communications with key audiences.

We work in partnership with in-house staff, as well as with organizations that don’t have a communications or DEI team in place. The Lexicon Project results in organizations receiving buy-in from staff and other stakeholder groups to identify language that reflects DEI values, creating clear definitions, narratives and messaging, in order to strengthen organizational communication and positioning.

The process of embedding authentic DEI into an organization is complex and takes time. Addressing the use of language is an important step in an organization’s ability to operationalize these efforts. If you are interested in exploring how the Lexicon Project can impact your organization, please reach out to Jennifer Lynn at [email protected].