What is the one thing every nonprofit needs now?

What is the one thing every nonprofit needs now?
strategic Comms team. 
Despite undeniable evidence of the effectiveness of communications in building trust and catalyzing audiences into action, there are still organizations that don’t leverage it in a way that moves the needle in advancing an organization’s work. The past two years have highlighted the relevance and value of communications across every sector, with comms leaders playing a pivotal role in connecting with internal and external audiences, against the backdrop of a world of uncertainty due to rapidly changing global events. However, the approach to comms that drives action is one that takes a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional media relations efforts focused on “awareness” and just getting an organization’s “name in lights.” 
Leadership teams and Boards alike are slowly recognizing how integral narrative storytelling is to amplifying the work of mission-driven causes. And yes, while the idea of storytelling is not new, we are finally beginning to see organizations embrace it as a way to catalyze audiences into action.
Having a communications agency or internal team available to take the big picture ideas and concepts and translate them into stories and narratives that resonate with various audiences is an imperative.
An experienced communications partner will ask questions such as:
  • How is the organization positioned in the marketplace? 
  • What messaging is being shared with audiences? 
  • How are you speaking to donors about the organization’s work? 
  • Is the organization’s messaging centered on the humanity of the people it serves? 
The bottom line: communications has earned its proper seat at the table. Understanding that comms is at the foundation of everything a nonprofit does, from fundraising to the effective execution of programs, solidifies its importance as an area of focus that requires proper strategic support.
As a social change firm that has worked with the nonprofit sector for almost two decades to amplify the voices of mission-driven causes, we intrinsically understand the power of communications. To learn more about how we can help develop or improve your nonprofit’s communications strategy, please reach out to schedule some time to chat with us. Contact [email protected] to set up a time to connect.