Who I admire most in the industry: Social Media

By Monica Clarke

A 19-year-old created a website that opened doors to applying social media to the world.

Pete Cashmore was born on September 18, 1985 in Banchory, Scotland; a town within Aberdeen. Who knew that on that day a small child was born who would become one of the biggest authorities in social media and a change maker when it comes to the way we communicate and share ideas on how to do it better.

He did this by founding the website blog Mashable.com at only 19 years old. Mashable is the Frankenstein monster of all blogs, built of different parts to come alive. It offers a variety of articles daily on a wide range of topics like business and nonprofits, to technology and celebrity news all focused on the phenomenon that is social media.

Mashable is a living, moving blog that is extremely easy to interact with, and connect on, often organically creating a forum and wealth of information provided by commentators from all over the world and from all different fields. The Huffington Post has described it as a “one stop shop” for all things social media. With over 50 million page views per day, Cashmore and Mashable are considered the most influential feeds on Twitter.

He began with an idea, ran with it, and surrounded himself with the best of the best in writing contributors. This is what makes Pete Cashmore hands down the #1 person in the industry of social media that I admire. He embodies forward thinking and the power of interactive media – understanding that it is alive and sharing it with the world.

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