Increase the Exposure, Increase the Impact

Films for Change is focused on creating and managing impact campaigns for social change films. Beyond getting people to the theater, activists are asking the question: Now what?

Real and lasting social change occurs when people are changed. What we’ve found is that social change films tend to attract audiences that already agree with the film’s message. There is often a missed opportunity to move the hearts and minds of those who do not have awareness of an issue and its impact on the community at large.


Our Approach

Building upon our experience in the nonprofit sector, Films for Change focuses on creating messaging, PR strategies, and events to raise the profile of important issues and mobilize people toward action.

We provide the strategy and tactics to help filmmakers and activists improve the visibility of important societal issues, and inspire their target audiences to be active change makers.

Films for Change is designed to handle all aspects of social awareness impact campaigns for films. Our overall strategy is two-fold:

  1. Drive attendance at the box office
  2. Inform broader audiences about social issues

We draw on our experience and expertise to provide partners with detailed strategy and planning and a wide array of tactics. Some of the services we provide to social change films include:

  • Media training
  • Press conferences and event logistics
  • Message development
  • Writing and collateral production
  • Community engagement

To learn more about our Films for Change service, schedule a consultation or call 212-500-5953 x115.