Crisis Communications

Risk management needs to be part of every communications plan and that is where many organizations fall short.

Communicate with key audiences to minimize damage to your organization’s reputation.

Crisis planning has become part of our daily vernacular. The probability of an organization emerging from a crisis successfully depends on the organization’s ability to communicate with key audiences effectively.

We help identify any areas of exposure and strategically prepare a methodical approach to potentially devastating “what if…” situations.


Proactively preparing for a potential crisis is a best practice for most organizations.

By providing clients with the guidance and resources to navigate a crisis in a way that minimizes damage to the organization’s reputation, we help navigate the many pressures and considerations encountered with multiple audiences during a crisis. This includes:

  • Developing a messaging strategy and preparing talking points.
  • Creating a short and long-term strategic and tactical plan, based on potential triggers and outcomes.
  • Preparing crisis communications, such as letters, press releases and announcements.
  • Providing media coaching for the appropriate spokesperson(s).
  • Developing an after-action plan.

Our team can function as your sole crisis management partner, or in tandem with your in-house communications department.

Crisis Drills

Proactively preparing for a potential crisis is a best practice for most organizations. Through crisis drills and simulations, we help organizations anticipate challenges that may arise during an emergency and train teams on how to tactically respond. Our deep expertise as a communications agency uniquely positions us to focus on those areas that are of greatest threat to nonprofits and socially responsible companies. We’ve been called upon to help clients manage crises dealing with human resources issues, financial matters, legal claims and a host of other potentially devastating challenges.

Our team will:

  • Develop a crisis scenario based on information gathered from your organization.
  • Present and facilitate the simulation, and the appropriate triggers.
  • Provide instructions and applicable documentation for participants.
  • Provide real-time challenges and tasks based on responses during the exercises.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations post-event for internal planning.
  • Provide strategy and counsel for the development of a PR crisis plan.

Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Crisis Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Planning