Founded in 2003 by Vanessa Wakeman, The Wakeman Agency employs an array of storytelling mechanisms that move beyond the offerings of traditional communications agencies. Wakeman’s framework addresses the essential needs and ambitious aspirations of our clients and those they serve.

Our expertise amplifies impact that results in meaningful change.

For the past 20 years, The Wakeman Agency has provided a powerful approach to communications strategy for mission-driven causes and socially responsible companies that embrace industry disruption, in pursuit of systemic change. We methodically combine diverse areas of expertise that are crafted to elicit specific reactions and outcomes from core audiences. 

The agency’s legacy is centered around pioneering strategies and the development of innovative tools that support systems level social transformation. Our client engagements weave an interplay of public relations, messaging architecture, thought leadership development, event design and revenue strategy. Drawing on equity focused practices, ethnographically informed methods, behavioral science findings and experiential insight on the social change and communications industries at large, our work advances sustainable progress on the most pressing issues of our time.

We have masterminded engagements that shift perceptions and achieve advancements on a wide range of topics, industries and philanthropic arenas, including civil rights, public health, child abuse prevention and treatment, school desegregation, fintech, climate justice, educational equity, culturally responsive pedagogy and curriculum, criminal justice reform, housing, disability services, domestic violence, human rights and animal welfare.

Our team members are original thinkers who bring consistent curiosity and rigor to our work. The foundation of our process is embedded in the understanding that effective and ethical communications require deep listening and authentic understanding of those closest to the problems we work to solve.

We join with progressive companies to channel our agency’s abilities on behalf of diverse and multicultural global communities. Weaving our tried and trusted practice with the experiences of those who are building change, our expertise amplifies impact that results in meaningful change defined principally by those impacted by that change.

A narrative-driven brand refresh for a narrative-based strategic communications agency.
The Wakeman Agency’s 20th anniversary is not a destination but a jumping off point. This is the story of how we connected and expanded our Wakeman at 20 vision through visual and brand storytelling.

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