Communications Innovation Lab

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Wakeman Agency’s Innovation Lab! More than three years in the making, the Lab represents our evolution in strategic communications for social change. The Innovation Lab combines communications, ethnographically inspired principles and neuroscience in support of mission-driven causes, focused on creating positive change on urgent social issues.

At the heart of the Innovation Lab is a commitment to collaboration and continuous learning. We offer a dynamic space where nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible companies can work with our team to co-create solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Through prototyping sessions, pilot projects, foresight and strategic experimentation, we provide organizations with new communications resources and techniques. Our goal is to help organizations amplify their voice, catalyze audiences into action and thereby advance their work. The Innovation Lab aspires to be a leading hub for pioneering communications practices that drive social change.

Given the current social and political climate, organizations often need to reimagine how they think about their communications strategy and tactics. Our Innovation Lab is structured for exactly that purpose. It provides a unique setting and guidance for organizations to develop, or evolve, their communications for maximum impact.

How can an organization benefit from the Innovation Lab?

1. Strategic Experimentation

The Innovation Lab serves as a playground to test bold new ideas and innovative strategies. Perhaps your organization is expanding its area of focus. You know the end goal, but have not quite figured out the best communications tactics. The Lab can support bringing this vision to life. Whether it’s trialing new storytelling formats, exploring narratives that help shift audience sentiment, or pioneering new approaches to communications for behavioral change, our Innovation Lab is where creativity knows no bounds.

2. Enhanced Storytelling and Engagement

Identifying the messaging and narratives your organization needs to better engage donors, elected officials, influencers and other audiences to make your mission and impact more tangible and relatable.

3. Forecasting and Foresight

The Lab uses analytics and research methods to gain insights into audiences. Our approach allows us to forecast future conditions. We look to identify emotional triggers and market signals to support communications activities. By understanding these trends, we can develop communications strategies for your organization that are timely, relevant and impactful.

4. Communications Planning

Your organization needs a step-by-step communications plan to execute using internal resources. You get the expertise of a team working together to craft a communications plan rooted in ethnographic principles and neuroscience to advance your cause.

5. Lexical Evolution

Language is ever-evolving, reflecting changes in society, culture and identity. For social change, this evolution is particularly relevant as nonprofits and foundations are often among the first to observe social constructs requiring the need for more formal language to reflect justice and equity in relational dynamics.

6. Field Building

If your organization is seeking to take a thought leadership position to define and drive priorities on a social issue, or amplify specific narratives to advance your organization’s field of expertise, we will help you strategize to engage your sector, or other actors, toward a shared vision. The Innovation Lab provides the generative, novel thinking-space and guidance to influence the trajectory of a sector or mission.

7. Donor Relations and Fundraising

By tailoring messages and creating customized narratives for donors, you can enhance donor loyalty and increase fundraising effectiveness. This can take many forms, for example, bespoke events or the development of communications scripts for fundraising communications.

8. Capacity Building and Skill Development

Your staff can learn new skills and approaches to communication. This type of training can have a long-term positive impact, enabling the organization to sustain innovative practices even after the engagement with the lab ends.

If you are interested in learning more about the Innovation Lab, please don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer Lynn at [email protected] or 212-500-5953 x113 to schedule an exploratory conversation.

Drop us a line to schedule an informational call to learn more about the innovation lab possibilities for your organization