We are a social change agency that helps amplify the voices of mission-driven causes and the people that lead them. We provide strategic thinking and execution, via public relations, special events, and thought leadership training, that builds influence and generates revenue for important social causes.

You want to talk to us if:

  • You need assistance with strategic planning around maintaining connection to stakeholders during the COVID-19 Crisis.
  • You need assistance with Crisis Planning and Communications.
  • You need to transition in-person fundraising events to digital platforms.
  • You need to maximize fundraising opportunities with your events.
  • You want to become a Thought Leader in your sector.
  • You need help developing effective messaging for your organization.
  • You want to get your voice heard in the media about a timely issue relevant to your organization's mission.
  • It’s time for a new strategic plan to help your organization navigate its next steps

COVID-19 and The Nonprofit Sector

​The Wakeman Agency is working to help the nonprofit sector navigate the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, providing guidance on how to maintain stakeholder support during this unprecedented crisis. Over the past month, our CEO, Vanessa Wakeman, hosted a series of free roundtables on the topics of Transitioning In Person Events to Digital Experiences, Crisis Preparedness, Messaging, and Innovation.

Click the button below to hear this important information, including answers to questions posed by participants in the nonprofit sector.


Press Release: The Wakeman Agency Launches The Narrative Justice Project to Bring Equality to Media Representation

The Wakeman Agency announced the launch of The Narrative Justice Project (NJP), a tactical response to the continual misrepresentation and under-representation of people of color in the media. Through this community organizing initiative, people of color around the country will have access to free media training to learn how to leverage the media in times of crisis. The goal is to bring equality to media representation, ensuring the inclusion of diverse voices from across communities of color.

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