The Wakeman Agency helps mission-driven causes and socially responsible companies leverage the power of strategic communications in pursuit of systemic change.

Shaping stories towards justice

Our Mission

Since its inception in 2003, The Wakeman Agency’s focus has been centered on purpose-driven engagements that give voice to the needs and experiences of historically excluded groups. Our mission has always been rooted in dismantling systemic oppression.

We are proponents of Narrative Justice, shaping stories side by side with their protagonists, centering their perspectives and experiences as catalysts for the transformation of systems.

We are committed to leveraging the power of strategic communications to bring forth stories that reflect the dignity, strengths and histories of the people and communities that we serve, by reflecting the humanity of those we are representing.

Our Expertise

Weaving tried and trusted technical mastery with the experiences of those who are transforming systems, our expertise amplifies impact that results in meaningful change defined principally by those impacted by that change.

Work in Action

Discover how our unique capabilities and methodologies create impact and ignite action.

United Way of New York City (UWNYC)

Case Study: Strategically Addressing Multiple Service Areas Via Public Relations

Choose Healthy Life

Increasing COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations in Black Communities Through Culturally Fluent Messaging


Explore our Insights to glimpse the expertise we employ, the knowledge we distill and the action we help inspire.

The Wakeman Agency Launches C³ Diagnostic

Data-based tool enables organizations to communicate more effectively with diverse audiences & accelerate systemic change
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