We The People PR Program

New Program Begins Fall 2017

We The People is an online program designed to help nonprofits develop and execute a custom communications plan, allowing you to stay in the hearts and minds of stakeholders.

We know that many organizations do not have the budget for a public relations agency or an internal communications team. We The People is an interactive program that allows nonprofits to prepare a plan, while be guiding by the experts at The Wakeman Agency.

Whether your issue is local, national or international, this program will help you conceive and execute a strategic plan of action, with the end goal of keeping you on the radar of your most important stakeholders.

  • Funders and individual donors want to support organizations that are connected to the issues of today.
  • Activism is no longer the call of a chosen few. Today, we must all be activists. Shape your message to draw in like-minded individuals and companies that can help you create real change.
  • These are unprecedented times. Bold approaches are needed.

We are excited to offer this program for the third time this year. Previous participants are already reporting progress related to messaging and external communications with their target audiences. 

Most small nonprofits have limited resources when it comes to raising awareness for their purpose. Oftentimes, organizations are not proactively creating a narrative that builds urgency around their mission.

We The People will help you identify proactive and reactive actions in order to position your organization in an empowered way.

The program is designed to allow you to execute simultaneously as you learn and shape your campaign. It is designed to prepare you to execute a robust plan, to raise the profile of your organization.

Through live, scheduled Q&A sessions, you will be able to ask questions specific to your needs, and receive answers from one of our top tier, public relations experts.

Small organizations typically don’t have access to this level of actionable support, which makes this an exceptional opportunity.

Over the course of 6 weeks, participants will receive interactive instruction on how to create and execute messaging to build more awareness for their organization, as well as drive interest and impact, specifically within the context of the developing Trump era.

Executive Directors and Chief Executive Officers will be able to show their Board of Directors specific actions taken through the program and its corresponding results.

Modules include:

  • Campaign Development
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Ripped From the Headlines: Leveraging Politics and the News Cycle
  • Becoming an Expert Source

The modules provide:

  • Strategic and tactical teaching, giving you the big vision and corresponding executable steps for even the smallest organizations
  • How-to videos to help you address your needs today and in the future
  • Content that inspires you to think more deeply about the opportunities for your organization to thrive

Participants receive four modules over a 6-week period, to be used as a guide to help develop your plan. This approach allows ample time to absorb and implement the information being shared.

There will be two 45-minute conference calls, where you can have your questions answered live.

We’ll come together to celebrate progress, and challenge each other towards audacious next steps.

We The People was created by Vanessa Wakeman, founder of The Wakeman Agency, one of the leading social change agencies in the country. The Wakeman Agency has a reputation for creating campaigns that raise funds, and create influence, for mission-driven causes. Over the past 13 years, Vanessa has served as Chief Strategist, creating revenue-driving, nationally recognized campaigns focused on issues that include: education, civil rights, entrepreneurship, women’s rights and healthcare. Her expertise as a PR leader was most recently recognized by PRWeek, when she was selected as one of their 2017 “Champions of PR”.

Vanessa has personally developed the We The People program curriculum and leads the live Q&A calls, in addition to providing participants with recommendations and next steps throughout the process. Vanessa has more than 2 decades of experience in creating group programs and training. She will use her expertise to help you refine your goals for your organization. You will complete the program feeling empowered to more effectively implement your organization’s message and mission.The curriculum was created based on proven techniques that the agency has executed over the years that allows even the smallest organization to create and implement manageable, actionable steps. 

The group coaching sessions with Vanessa will be tailored to the specific needs of the group, based on dialogue and feedback through the progression of the program. They will give you the momentum you need during the process of creating a powerful campaign. Sessions will be recorded, so you will have access to the information even if you are unable to participate on the live calls. Participants can submit their questions beforehand and hear the answer to their questions when listening to the call recording later, at their convenience.

Modules will be sent to you on Tuesdays. You can view the videos on your laptop, mobile device or iPad. Each video is 30-60 minutes in length. You will also be provided templates and other helpful information to prepare you for success.

Why is this program being offered?

Social change is our passion and our business. There are so many unknowns about the future of our country, but one thing we know for sure is that organizations must be prepared to be proactive and reactive in our changing world. We The People will empower small organizations to help themselves with the hands-on guidance of our expertise, every step of the way. In these times of uncertainty, we know that nonprofits around the country will have to bear a greater burden. We hope to make that load a little lighter.

Let’s turn this moment into a movement.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lynn at 212-500-5953 x113 or jlynn@thewakemanagency.com.