AMPLIFY Your Mission and Message

Amplify Your Mission

Everyone is aware of the power of influencers to create exponential surges in support for nonprofit organizations and causes. But how do you find and connect with the influencers who will propel your organization to the next level? How do you maximize and sustain their support?

AMPLIFY, a service by The Wakeman Agency, is designed to help nonprofit leaders harness the power of influencer engagement—and deliver passionate, high-profile brand advocates to champion your cause.

The Wakeman Agency is a leading New York City-based social change agency dedicated to elevating the impact of mission driven causes through PR, strategic planning, event management, fundraising and thought leadership training. With over 16 years of experience in all facets of the social change sector, we are well-positioned to change the paradigm of how nonprofits interact with influencers—and how influencers connect with the causes they believe in.

AMPLIFY is a two-way pipeline to connect influencers and organizations.

On the Organization Side

We work with nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible companies seeking to expand awareness and impact. Tactics include:

Research and Outreach – After a discovery process delving into short- and long-term goals, we create a tiered plan identifying the specific actions that provide the best opportunities to leverage influencer platforms, based on the current priorities of the organization. We then identify target micro, mid-size and/or high profile influencers as potential partners, including music, film, TV and fashion celebrities; writers and journalists; and political, community and social change activists. We purposefully strategize which level influencer(s) will garner the greatest impact, based on the present and evolving goals of the organization. We outreach to these target influencers, proposing the plan and seeking confirmation of their participation. Then we manage the engagement throughout execution of the tiered Action Plan

Impact Actions – The types of impact actions influencers may be approached to undertake include social media posts, speaking engagements, event appearances and fundraising. Truly effective influencer engagement is a gradual process that entails building and maintaining a meaningful, mutually satisfying relationship over time, to create increasing depth to the relationship.  Our deep experience with nonprofits and celebrities in the specific context of the social change sector provides us with the tools to build those nuanced relationships, in a unique and powerful way compared to agencies lacking real insider experience in the ecosystem of the sector.

Tool Kit – A core aspect of achieving results via influencer engagement is messaging that is purposeful, strategic and consistent, that propels audiences towards action. Influencers typically need support when working with social causes. We create a Tool Kit that is a comprehensive introductory resource, with messaging and talking points to ensure that all influencers understand how to best communicate on behalf the organization they are representing. This Tool Kit can also be utilized by other supporters and stakeholders, to help them elevate the organization’s voice within their respective networks. It serves as a valuable resource to ensure consistency and accuracy in communication of the organization’s brand across numerous contexts. The Kits are branded appropriately, designed to be visually appealing and can be tailored to fit the needs of particular users.

On the Influencer Side

We work with influential, accomplished individuals and groups who want to use their voice and platform to bring about change. Strategies include:

OnboardingMany influencers want to support good causes but can be confused or overwhelmed by organizations vying for their support. They want to get involved but aren’t sure how to do so in a way that makes an impact, but also feels manageable, consistent with and protective of their own brand image. On the other hand, up and coming influencers may not yet have been approached by organizations and be unsure how to enter the arena in the first place, to build their platform speaking on behalf of causes that matter to them. All organizations are not created equal and we use our expertise to help individuals navigate the unique landscape of the nonprofit world, to identify what causes truly align with their core values and goals and which nonprofits are best suited as partners.

Engagement – Once target causes and organizations are identified, we outreach to forge the partnership and steward the process, including creation of an Action Plan for engagement. We provide support through execution of the plan that ensures that messaging and actions fit seamlessly into the influencer’s existing and developing persona. This can include a messaging tool kit, media training, speech writing and other services to maximize the results of the partnership. We cultivate the relationship between the influencer and organization by offering and developing ongoing opportunities for engagement.

AMPLIFY connects the power of influencers with mission driven causes, in order to help change the world.

Please reach out to Jennifer Lynn via email at [email protected] or or phone at 212.500.5953, x113, to discuss how we can AMPLIFY your mission.

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