Transparency in Public Relations

By Jessica Epperly In the age of social media, so many organizations are showing more of themselves than ever before. Whether tweeting about the status of a new product launch or asking for customer feedback via Facebook, the increase of an organization’s interaction with its audience has demonstrated the value and the need for transparency. … Read more

Nonprofit and For-profit Partnerships: Gaining Support from Corporate Sponsors

By Jessica Epperly The most challenging aspect of gaining a corporate sponsorship is simply the art of asking for it. So often nonprofits see their work as a straightforward and creditable cause, and they assume asking for corporate sponsorship is an easy feat. Surly big dog for-profits have the resources to give, right? Wrong. Even … Read more

Steve Martin’s PR Woes: Even Most Media-Savvy Not Immune To Missteps

By Adrien Seybert Even the most media-savvy figures have a bad night, but that doesn’t necessarily spell the doom of their latest venture. Sometimes, there’s no accounting for audience’s taste or mood. You just fall flat once in a while no matter how prepared you are. Take actor/comedian Steve Martin’s fairly recent 92nd St. Y … Read more

The Importance of Media Relations

By: Jessica Epperly By definition, “media relations” refers to a business’ or organization’s relationship with professional journalists or media outlets. Similar to public relations, this idea works on building a rapport with media to communicate the organization’s goals, ideas, intent and newsworthy events. Public relations is often considered a synonym for media relations, but in … Read more

Father’s Day Giving

While annual appeals are still an effective way to raise funds, nonprofit organizations can benefit from looking at other ways to generate passive revenue streams by leveraging the emotional power of their core services. With Father’s Day approaching, I can’t help but notice the clever but effective and highly valuable tie-ins that some savvy nonprofits … Read more