Holiday PR – Good Ways to Tie Your Efforts Together

For most, the holidays are a great time of year, both personally and with media. Using current events or holidays to tie-in a story can often be successful if done properly. The trick, however, is to know what will work with media and what will not. Even though the holidays can sometimes offer an obvious … Read moreHoliday PR – Good Ways to Tie Your Efforts Together

Holiday Marketing – Inbound Marketing Ideas

By Soo Dawson It used to be that outbound marketing was the only way to go about generating leads for your business. Now, trade show halls are not as full, brick & mortar sales see continuous declines, and face-to-face prospecting is becoming rare. Inbound marketing activities such as e-newsletters, website promotions, social media campaigns, and … Read moreHoliday Marketing – Inbound Marketing Ideas