Press Release: The Wakeman Agency Launches The Narrative Justice Project to Bring Equality to Media Representation

We are reclaiming the narrative

The Wakeman Agency announced the launch of The Narrative Justice Project (NJP), a tactical response to the continual misrepresentation and under-representation of people of color in the media. Through this community organizing initiative, people of color around the country will have access to free media training to learn how to leverage the media in times of crisis. The goal is to bring equality to media representation, ensuring the inclusion of diverse voices from across communities of color.

Roll Call!

Wondering what we’ve been up to these past few months? We’ve got some exciting new clients on the roster, and some juicy coverage we’ve secured that helps elevate their missions. Hit this link to read more about our recent impactful work for ROC United, Help for Children, Animal Farm Foundation and ChemoCars.

New Client Alert – Animal Farm Foundation

Animal Farm Foundation Inc

Meet Animal Farm Foundation (AFF), the newest addition to The Wakeman Agency client roster! Since the mid-1980’s, AFF has been rescuing and re-homing animals, as well as making grants to other humane organizations. Today they dedicate their resources to securing equal treatment and opportunity for “pit bull” dogs. The Wakeman Agency will work with AFF to develop a Public Education Campaign. We are excited to create a new narrative around the concept that All Dogs Are Individuals. The campaign will correct misconceptions about the “pit bull” breed and highlight their strengths, as evidenced through the important work they are being trained to do, as high-level Law Enforcement detection and service assistance dogs.

New Client Alert – ChemoCars

media relations for Chemo Cars

We are thrilled to welcome new client ChemoCars to the Wakeman client roster. ChemoCars supports cancer patients by providing them with free, reliable access to transportation to cancer treatment. We will be working to create awareness for ChemoCars and their services as they endeavor, in order to take their services to the national stage.

Wakeman CEO, Vanessa Wakeman, Chosen as 2017 “Champion of PR” by PRWeek

Vanessa Wakeman CEO The Wakeman Agency, PR Week

Vanessa Wakeman, CEO of The Wakeman Agency, has been named to the PRWeek 2017 “Champions of PR” list. This prestigious group of 40 women, celebrates women in the PR industry who are defining new, innovative ways of doing business and who are helping elevate their companies as sought-after employers of the future.

Press Release – The Wakeman Agency Receives Government Permission to Expand Operations to Cuba


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Social change agency, The Wakeman Agency announced it has obtained a license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, granting the agency permission to pursue opening an office in Cuba. This will mark the agency’s first international presence, adding to its New York and Silicon Valley locations.

After Your Gala, Do You Take the Money and Run?

We The People PR Program

Gala season is in full swing here on the East Coast and many nonprofits are preparing for their special evening. For many organizations, the proceeds from that one event can be a major revenue stream. When we are assisting organizations with the planning and execution of their events, it’s our job to get them to think beyond that one evening.

We The People: Passion and Action Speaks Loudest

Logo The Wakeman Agency

A few years ago I attended a fundraiser hosted by a board member of a local nonprofit. I attended the gathering because the passion and mission shared by the board member really made me feel like it was something I would want to be a part of. There were about 30 people in attendance; the majority of us had no connection to the organization and were there to learn more about their work.

She Roars: How Much Space Do You Take Up?

She Roars

Last night I was on a crowded Metro-North train in New York City heading home. I was seated in a four seat section of the train and was directly across from a male commuter. Without realizing what I was doing, I jammed myself into the corner of my seat, taking up as little space as possible, assuming that he and whoever occupied the seat next to me would need all of the space.