“We are the people behind the people on the forefront of innovation and social change.”

– Vanessa Wakeman, CEO, The Wakeman Agency

For almost two decades, The Wakeman Agency has been  aligned with nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies that are committed to making the world a better place. We serve as trusted advisors to the people on the front lines, who are working to solve the most pressing societal issues of our time.

The Wakeman​ ​Agency is an award-winning social change firm, founded by Vanessa Wakeman, in 2003. With offices in New​ ​York City and Silicon Valley, the agency is a trusted advisor and resource for mission-driven causes and industry disruptors.

Through strategic planning, message architecture, media relations, crisis communications, thought leadership​ ​development, digital strategy, fundraising and special events, The Wakeman Agency combines original,​ ​enterprising approaches to help clients achieve their goals. We orchestrate strategic campaigns on important​ ​social issues that tell stories and catalyze audiences into action.

The agency’s team is characterized as original thinkers, with approaches that are powerful, brave an​d ​unexpected in the best ways. For almost two decades, we have proudly masterminded and executed initiatives​ ​that have engaged audiences and built strong brand awareness for mission driven work. The Wakeman team​ reflects the diversity of those the agency serves, the communities in which they live and the work they​ ​champion. This awareness and sensitivity strengthens the agency’s​ ​ability for outreach to, and on behalf of, diverse and multicultural global communities.

With a dynamic track record of game-changing initiatives and partnering with innovative organizations, The​ ​Wakeman Agency’s effectiveness in navigating audiences is an organic extension of the mission, vision and​ ​ideals on which the firm was established 18 years ago.

We collaborate with nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies that want to build influence and generate revenue for important social issues. Let’s talk about what that looks like for your organization.