Do’s and Don’ts of Online Website Marketing

By Soo Dawson

To market your website effectively, consider these Do’s and Don’ts to maximize your online visibility. After all, why have a website if no one knows it is there? You must make getting found and staying relevant your main’s and don’ts of online marketing

DosandDontsDomake sure you have a functioning website and that it is ready for promotion. Make sure all pages and features are completed and functional. Long domain names, poorly written content, and features and services that are not yet available should be avoided. By keeping your domain name user friendly, conducting keyword research to make sure you are targeting the right industry/people, and incorporating friendly navigation (consider UI, or user interface, which ultimately influences user experience), you will have repeat visitors and be able to build loyalty for your website.

Do market your website across every possible channel. Free ways to do this include: blog writing, forum commenting, posting on social bookmarking sites such as DIGG or, use of email signatures, Feedburner usage (if you have an RSS feed), article writing (such as Squidoo or eZine articles), and organic search via use of pertinent keywords. If you do invest in paid channels such as PPC, make sure you have tight ad copy and clear tracking mechanisms in place to measure your spend and results.

Do make a plan and stay focused. Plan on blog writing on Monday, copywriting and setting up PPC ads on Tuesday, writing e-newsletters on Wednesday, etc. Website marketing is a numbers and dedication game – so make sure you have clear tasks in place to maximize your time spent on online marketing activities.

Don’t use spam tactics in your email marketing campaign. It may be tempting to grab as many email addresses you can whenever you stumble across them online or through a networking event and add them to your email list. However, keyword-stuffed emails and linking to every page on your site is a sure way to make people who have been harvested in this manner very angry. Instead, your email marketing campaign should be permission-based and succinct.

Don’t add a lot of extra frills to your website page. Such gimmicks will not make your site more attractive to the search engine. And JavaScript and Flash detract from user experiences because many users don’t have the right browser or Internet speed to get these components to load and view properly. In addition, adding frills does nothing to help with your visibility – so keep things attractive yet simple.

Don’t put forms or offers on your website that you cannot respond promptly to. If you know that you cannot respond within a reasonable time period, do not offer a free consultation service or a customer issues reporting form on your website. Being unable to follow through is worse than not offering something at all – so take care not to lose credibility.

How about you? What Do’s and Don’ts can you share about increasing your website’s visibility? Please share.