Holiday Marketing – Inbound Marketing Ideas

By Soo Dawson

It used to be that outbound marketing was the only way to go about generating leads for your business. Now, trade show halls are not as full, brick & mortar sales see continuous declines, and face-to-face prospecting is becoming rare.

Inbound marketing activities such as e-newsletters, website promotions, social media campaigns, and good content production (think blogs & ebooks) should be year-round; however, they represent a special significance around the holidays because you can utilize this time of year to further business. Here are some ideas:holiday inbound marketing

  • Toot your own horn. Are members of your organization volunteering? Are you supporting a charity this year by giving goods or monetary contributions? Establish yourself as a philanthropy leader and highlight your activities on your social media channels and/or website’s home page. Your prospects and clients will appreciate the generous spirit you are displaying.
  • Gifts are appropriate – even more so during the holidays. Do you have an informative article or ebook your target audience might appreciate? Bust a move on it and get it on your website. Package it as a special and complimentary “holiday gift.” Don’t forget to nest it behind a form to collect contact info! This will also enable you to have a larger list to market to in 2012.
  • Package stuff and discount it to sell a lot of it. If you’re selling products or services, use the holidays as an excuse to take money off your regular prices or bundle items together to make your offers more attractive. Since attractive offers like these tend to be time-sensitive, consider promoting through as many channels as possible such as paid search, your social media channels, blogs, and email blasts to entice more people to take action.

As I mentioned before, inbound marketing is a year-round activity. However, be sure to implement at least some holiday-centric inbound marketing campaigns to leverage this special time of year for furthering your business goals.