New Nonprofits – Up and Coming Charities to Pay Attention to in 2012

By Katie Cray

non profit prNew nonprofits seem to pop up left and right as everyone wants to be the champion of their own cause. Some nonprofits tend to stand out amongst the rest of the rookies as groups to keep note of. Here are a few to pay attention to in 2012:

Child’s Play– In 2011, Child’s Play raised $2,960,000 that was used to donate toys and video games to 80 children’s hospitals nationwide. Having just started in 2003, the organization takes advantage of the booming video game industry to spread happiness to children. With the tagline “When gamers give back, it makes a difference!” –

Pets Alive Westchester – New is a word that can be used loosely when adding PAW to this list. Just a short time ago, PAW was known as Elmsford Animal Shelter – an overcrowded shelter in need of help. When they were taken over by Pets Alive, PAW became a thriving sanctuary for animals needing homes. They’ve taken a strong stance in the no-kill movement, and improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.

Charity: Water – Did you know that one in eight people on the planet drinks water that’s likely to make them sick? In 2006, Scott Harrison had a birthday party and asked everyone to bring $20 instead of a gift. He used all of that money to fund water projects for a refugee camp in Northern Uganda. Since then, Charity: water has raised $42 million to help 2 million people get clean water. Not many organizations can say that %100 of all money donated directly fund water projects in developing countries. One in eight can’t drink water; look around you. – See more at: