The Wakeman Experience: An Intern’s Point of View

By Daricel Calcano

I am halfway through my internship and I couldn’t be sadder to see it go or happier to continue this journey. Two of the most defining moments were the site visit of Yankee Stadium, and my first day of pitching to the media. The Wakeman Agency has introduced me to the world of Public Relations and I am grateful for that opportunity. The amazing people I work with have showed me what it is like to work in a PR office, and that your normal 9-5 job doesn’t have to be boring. Being a PR intern for The Wakeman Agency is a hands-on job, so a day at the office is never dull.

I’ve worked closely with Vanessa, Katie and the other intern Tara, and had the chance to write a press release, pitch it to reporters and online newswires, connect with social media influencers and go on site visits. I have learned how to write an effective press release, engage on social media, the do’s and don’ts of Public Relations and no matter what, to always leave the client satisfied.

Before I started, I didn’t realize my experience as an intern would be so hands-on. Prior to my internship, I had a vague idea of what Public Relations is. I never thought so much went into it, and I didn’t even know what a press release was. I feel more confident now when I go into the office to handle whatever tasks I am to do. I feel more comfortable writing a press release, knowing there is help along the way. This is only the start of my career in Public Relations and I am proud to say that The Wakeman Agency is the foundation for my passion for PR. I’m looking forward to the rest of my internship here.