Want Your Not-for-Profit Noticed by More Than 3 Million People? Selecting Markets for your National Campaign

By Katherine Turiano

The current population of the United States is 307,006,550 according to an all-knowing source (Google). Wouldn’t it benefit your non-profit to get their attention? The ability to execute a campaign and appeal to multiple markets builds awareness and creates a ripple effect that can create buzz about your organization across the nation.

social_media_ball1Selecting markets for your campaign is a specialty of The Wakeman Agency. Through experience we have learned that viral buzz can spread nationally from only a select handful of markets. The Avon Walks for Breast Cancer take place in less than 10 cities, but through the reaching-out of its participants to friends and family, Avon’s branding and mission has reached from coast to coast.

Social media now takes campaigns and events executed in one city to every viewing audience behind a computer nationwide. A participant’s event website, Facebook or email can now alert family members in a market thousands of miles away to support the same cause in their own city or allow them to donate without ever writing a check. Companies like Wishoo, a simple and inexpensive event photography service, can snap a picture of an attendee or participant and hand them a card with a code that allows them to share their photo and your brand with everyone they know.

Targeting of specific markets can be done through research into the audience contained within them. The Wakeman Agency has done research on more than fifty markets nationwide to determine important demographics including age, educational background, gender, and even details like average commuting time and preference. We then break down each city into distinct areas for more specific targeting of the audience(s) you want to reach. If you’re thinking about expanding, check back to my blog in March for “How to Get a Permit for Where You Want to Be,” a quick guide for permitting and venue sourcing for key markets. – See more at: http://www.thewakemanagency.com/blog/want-your-not-profit-noticed-more-3-million-people-selecting-markets-your-national-campaign#sthash.Yh0ldrU1.dpuf