What Makes a PR Campaign Successful? Tips for Creating a Winning PR Campaign

By Jessica Epperly

With any goal, it is important to know the steps that must be taken to achieve that goal. At the start of a PR campaign, most organizations have an idea of what they want to achieve. The most common objectives are greater exposure and increased awareness and implementing a roadmap to help achieve these goals is where PR can help. By organizing the steps and creating clear objectives, the end result can be worth the time and money spent. PR can also be a great tool for helping to better understand your organization and how it communicates with its audience. PR can help in self-discovery or self-rediscovery of your organization and it can breathe new life and direction into an otherwise stale marketing and/or advertising campaign. A well thought-out PR campaign will require that your message resonates with those outside your internal cooperate box. It will also cause you to take a fresh look at who you are and how you want others to perceive you.

Firstly, think about your mission statement. Too many businesspeople are of the notion that bending or altogether changing their organization’s mission statement means they are compromising their core vision or doing an injustice to their business plan. In truth, organizations that survive long-term and conquer the hard times need to maintain liquidity in their identity. One of my favorite adages is “change is the only thing constant.” I recommend taking a fresh look at your mission statement at least once every five to ten years in order to keep your product or service in tune with the times. A lot can happen sociologically in the course of a decade that can make your product or service redundant if you don’t seek to constantly adjust.

Secondly, and assuming your mission statement is solid, think about who your organization is speaking to. Has your market changed? Does the messaging of five years ago still resonate today? Is the call to action still the same? Remember that even small tweaks to any of these scenarios can make a huge difference in your marketing/PR outreach. Even if your current or past campaigns have proven to be successful, don’t assume victory has a long life span. Always look to improve upon what has already been successful and try injecting new and inventive ways to keep your audience engaged.

Thirdly, keep abreast of ever-changing opportunities within new media and social media outlets. Staying active on your Facebook and Twitter page is great, but keeping up to date with new trends and emerging media outlets is key. Is there a new trade or consumer publication or industry website that you should be seen in? Who are the top journalists covering your sector? Is your relationship with these journalists strong? Are you keeping media up to date with news about your organization? Maintaining relationships with media is just as important as maintaining relationships with your public. You need to put the same amount of effort into understanding their needs and interests as you do your consumer, as often times your consumer will get your messaging from media.

All in all, there is no single recipe for a successful PR campaign. Every organization is different. Still, keeping your ear to the ground when it comes to emerging media trends and sociological changes, no matter how small, will keep your marketing and PR messaging in line with where you need to be for achieving your organization’s goals.

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