Special Events

Our very first event in 2003 was a luncheon for a small New York city-based nonprofit etiquette school for girls. Since then, we’ve gone on to produce events of all formats and sizes including major multi-day conferences, galas, 5K runs, concerts, intimate donor cultivation parties and more. These events are often crucial components of the fundraising and marketing strategies for our clients.

Working with nonprofit organizations for more than a decade has enabled us to create a process that addresses the unique issues and desired outcomes with a deep understanding of the giving trends of the philanthropic community. You want your fundraising event to accomplish two things – generate revenue and introduce or remind attendees of the importance of your work in a way that elicits an emotional response. We know how to do both very well.

With nonprofits facing more pressure than ever before – and a more competitive landscape for dollars – our process focuses on fundraising strategies that best leverage your organization’s circle of influence. In addition to administrative services such as venue scouting, vendor management, day of event execution and registration, organizations come to us for strategy and execution. This includes wealth audits for potential honorees, revenue pyramids, board and committee coaching, and experience design.

We have pioneered a model that is both strategic and tactical. We leverage years of experience with an emphasis on the big picture to amplify your activities with larger, deeper organizational imperatives. Our approach is very process-driven, mixed with just the right amount of creativity, to produce an outcome that genuinely reflects the DNA of your company.

Through our efforts, we have seen a shift in culture and awareness at organizations, and in how their boards and key stakeholders envision special events.

While every event and organization is different, we have enough collective experience to recognize the patterns, behaviors and actions that lead to success. We work collaboratively with you – and that means we want need to be seen as an extension of your team, with all of us working toward the same goal. We will challenge you to try new things and to approach your gala through a new lens each year.

We live for project plans, RAG statuses and milestones, but also know that the experience and emotional connections you build with guests are what will ultimately influence people to open their checkbooks and remember your organization long after the event.

While our most requested event service is gala planning, we are equally as qualified to help you plan and produce any other type of event you can conceive. Visit our case studies to read about some of the exciting events we have planned.

We have produced events in New York City and Silicon Valley where we have offices, but we also enjoy taking our expertise on the road. We have made our mark in Arizona, Denver, Chicago and West Africa.

To learn more about our special event services, call us at (212) 500-5953 x115 or send an email.