Happy Holidays at the Centre for Social Innovation

As a founding member of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in NYC, The Wakeman Agency was delighted to attend CSI’s annual holiday party on December 11, 2014. It’s a joy to share space with hundreds of NYC social innovators and change makers, and this is never more apparent than when we all get together to celebrate.

The event featured a fiercely competitive cookie bake-off and cocktail competition, a holiday market full of local organizations making products empowering social change, pizza that was gobbled up the instant it was set down, and a room full of change makers striving to make the world better in their own unique ways. Well-deserved shout outs to the competition winners: Team Grio (Best Tasting Cocktail), Centre for Serum Innovation (Adil, Evan, Emily) (Best Cocktail Experience), and Erica Schroeder (Best Cookie). We couldn’t ask for a better holiday gift!

This video (made by a CSI member) really captures the spirit of the event, the space, and the passion of CSI. Enjoy!

CSI Holiday Party 2014 at the Centre for Social Innovation – New York City – Film Reportage by Jason Hargrove from Jason Hargrove on Vimeo.