Introducing Tameka Mullins, Social Media Manager

Tameka Mullins is a relative newcomer to The Wakeman Agency, having joined the team in late 2014. But she’s a veteran of the PR, marketing and communications world, as a bona fide and vetted pro, with no shortage of industry contacts and impressive capstone projects, to boot.

TamekaMullins2-1024x596For Mullins, coming on board with the Agency represented a professional move in alignment with her personal vision of bettering society.

“It’s very inspiring – knowing that we are helping organizations bring awareness to important issues and serving as an active force in helping them encourage participation in causes that can change the world,” Tameka says.

Contributing her time and talent to The Wakeman Agency’s roster of nonprofit and social enterprise causes is a fitting endeavor for Tameka, who has overcome her own share of odds, rising triumphantly against unique circumstances. Being an agent of change for various causes – including her work for Learning Ally, a nonprofit that provides audiobooks and parental support for learning abilities and dyslexia – is part of Tameka’s tireless personal credo of striving and surviving.

“Adoption and foster care are causes that hit home for me, as I was a product of the system,” Tameka explains. “I’m concerned with keeping families together and teaching parents the skills they need to keep their children, as well as providing platforms for adoptees and parents (natural and adoptive) to receive counseling and healing prior to and after adoption proceedings.”

That sense of resilience and passion for promoting positive outcomes on a deeply human level, perhaps, fuels Tameka’s sheer tenacity and industriousness. With 20 years of media, public relations and communications experience under her belt, Tameka has held various roles in production, publicity, donor relations and project management for leading companies and outfits such as the American Cancer Society, Scholastic Corporation, Girl Scouts of the USA, Motown / La Face Records and Newsweek Magazine.

In her daily engagement with The Wakeman Agency, Tameka masterminds the social media strategy. She develops and executes tactics for expanding the Agency’s fan base on Facebook and follower count on Twitter, while applying savvy outreach skills in identifying and cultivating strategic connections with movers, shakers and players in the nonprofit, tech start-up and ethical business communities.

As a proponent of literacy and appreciator of the written and spoken word, Tameka infuses her work with a passion for preserving creativity and authentic communication.

“My mom read to me regularly as a child, and I believe it planted a seed in me to want to write and include books and other reading material in my life on a daily basis,” Tameka offers. “It gave me a love and respect for the written word, which I think is diminishing in our current 140-character driven society.”

As a child, Tameka was called Sheva, a Hebrew name that means “oath or promise.” That nickname appears to have been prophetic, as she represents what is possible when those faced with great odds maximize and seize upon opportunities with grace, humility and abandon at every turn.

Today, Tameka projects that inward strength outward in fashioning a brighter tomorrow for others.

“People and companies active in the community and concerned about the global good have the potential to improve lives and the planet. I’m proud to play a part in sustaining this vital and very necessary imperative.”