Marketing for Nonprofits – Why Events are Essential

By Katherine Turiano

I believe the reason events are essential to non-profits is because they are able to raise awareness and funding for a non-profit’s cause within one glittering gala night or mud-covered triathlon day. The Wakeman Agency is able to perfectly partner with your team to take on the production and publication of your events to allow your staff to manage the development and outreach you are best at, creating memorable events that make an impact.

A key reason that events are essential to marketing for non-profits is that they raise awareness and support on a large scale within the community — and even on a national level with the right public relations efforts. At the same time, they are able to connect with the public personally through invitations from current supporters. Events can get the attention of local and national media, and every person in their viewing, reading or listening audience. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation holds an annual “jump in the lake” in a small community in upstate New York; though the action of the event is just supporters jumping into a cold lake for a good cause, it gets broad media coverage locally each year because the event was brilliantly designed as something you don’t see every day. More directly, attending annual events becomes tradition for the supporters of a cause and a way to raise awareness by bringing people they know to come and be introduced to their cause and the organization they support.

I think there is an even more special reason for events: events provide a way for supporters of your cause to feel camaraderie in their support. I produced the Avon Walks for Breast Cancer in 2005 and 2006, a charity walk in key national markets which raised funds for breast cancer research through The Avon Foundation. I remember seeing the crowds of thousands and knowing so clearly that the event was an opportunity for its attendees to not feel alone in their journey, whether as a cancer patient, survivor or family member. And I could see that everyone felt the funds they raised were supporting an effort much larger than the single event, making their small contributions feel like a force to be reckoned with and a rallying cry for a cure. – See more at: