New Client Announcement: Alliance of Families for Justice

The Wakeman Agency has been engaged by the Alliance of Families for Justice (AFJ) to amplify the voices of incarcerated New Yorkers and their families, who are gravely threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. AFJ works to advance reforms in New York’s criminal justice system, end abuses of human rights behind bars and halt the era of mass criminalization. Wakeman will conduct a media campaign to shape the narrative around how the public and State leaders respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in prisons, as well as the worsening conditions for incarcerated New Yorkers. We plan to position AFJ’s Executive Director, Soffiyah Elijah, as a civil rights leader who will help shape a response plan to keep the prison population safe, distanced, healthy and alive, while maintaining their rights. The Wakeman team will also prepare family members of incarcerated New Yorkers to tell their stories and find opportunities for their voices to be heard during this life-or-death struggle. According to AFJ, New York state prisons have a population comprised of nearly 80 percent Black and Latino people. We are committed to ensuring that they are not forgotten or sacrificed during the COVID-19 crisis, or its aftermath.