A Note from Vanessa Wakeman

Dear Friends,

Time really does fly when you are having fun. This week, Wakeman turns 14! It’s hard to believe that the baby I birthed in 2003 is growing up.

People often ask me to share what a normal day looks like at the agency, but there are no normal days, and that’s what makes this fun. While our work is challenging, and the pace frenetic, each project provides the fuel for us to remain inspired.

Reflecting on all of the remarkable experiences we’ve had over the years, I found myself laughing at some of the random, funny, off script, crazy things that have happened, all a day in the life of an agency. Here are my top 8:

  1. In a foreign country, our client had to go to the bathroom and we are stuck in traffic 2 hours away from our destination. We had car service pull over on the highway and our staff creates a human wall, so she can go.
  2. Requests in a famous rockstar’s rider include a new, white toilet seat in the green room, three Caesar salads and current (no old stuff) adult entertainment magazines.
  3. When we produced weddings, a bride set her wedding gown on fire 30 minutes before she was supposed to walk down the aisle.
  4. During a press tour, a client stayed at a hostel and another guest pretended to be our client when the radio station called for an interview. The impostor did the entire 15 minute interview segment.
  5. A wealthy donor’s tooth fell out five minutes before he is scheduled to make the Ask at fundraising event.
  6. The professional sports commentator never shows up to conduct the press conference for a charity football game, so I fill in as a very unknowledgeable, but charming, replacement.
  7. A very famous rapper gets inspired after performing at a charity event for free. Takes car service to studio vs back to the hotel. Car service calls us the next morning to alert us of the $900 bill for keeping the driver on hold overnight.
  8. During a corporate celebration, our client, a 70+-year-old CEO, decides that he wants to crowdsurf and dives into the crowd of 800 guests (gulp).

There are new adventures every day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As we all know, growing up is full of twists and turns, but when the inspiration and team are right, greatness manifesting is guaranteed. Here’s to our next 14!

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Vanessa Wakeman
Founder and CEO