PR Intern’s Lessons Learned

Our PR Intern Daricel discusses the five most important things she’s learned since she joined the team:

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned, So Far

By Daricel Calcano

1. Writing press release headlines can be tedious.

We have all been there. Whether you like to write your headlines first or last, coming up with an attention grabber of a title is always a hassle. Catching your audience’s attention is crucial for your release, and I’ve learned that the first one you write won’t be the final. Practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid of having many, many drafts!

2. Excel is your best friend.

It wasn’t until I started my internship that I got familiar with Excel. Before this, I never used it – not even in school. I now use it just about it every day. It keeps things organize, an aspect of Public Relations that is crucial.

3. Draft, draft, and draft again to get the final and best version.

Like release headlines, your first draft won’t be your final. Unless of course you’re a PR veteran, but even then I’m sure there are drafts – just less than the rest of us. I’ve learned not to get frustrated with most releases because they are just a beginning draft and (thanks to the Wakeman team) I have time to perfect my writing.

4. Public Relations is more than just press releases and parties.

Many young people aim to join the public relations industry because a common misconception is that the profession is all about events, writing press releases, or talking to the media – in other words, being in the public eye. While these activities can certainly be a part of the job, they are just part of the job, not the entirety. I’ve learned that working in PR is just as much about listening as it is communicating and that your audience is not just the media.

5. Public Relations Professionals need to stay prepared and organized.

PR Pros have a lot of people to stay in touch with so we are and must be very good at staying organized. If you are not organized, you have your work cut out for you. Usually, this makes for a packed scheduled, possibly working on the weekends, working nights at home or coming in early to the office and staying late. We have a million things to process and handle that have deadlines. If you don’t want a demanding career, Public Relations is not for you. But if you do, prepare yourself by learning as much as you can before jumping in. Read as many publications, blogs, and websites devoted to the industry as you can. The more you learn the more effective you can be in your career.