Simple Ways for Nonprofits to Raise Awareness

Nonprofit PR and marketing is important since many nonprofits are struggling to make their names known and get the media attention they deserve. Not only do they need to raise awareness of their work in order to raise funds, but it’s just as crucial to actually get their message out there about the problem they address. If people don’t understand why their work is important, nonprofits will not be able to access constituents or supporters.nonprofit pr

A few ways that nonprofits can increase awareness include:

  • “How to Become a Media Darling” – On November 14th at noon EST, our very own Vanessa Wakeman will be presenting a free webinar on how to create attention-grabbing PR pitches, choose sound bites that get printed, and take advantage of other insider secrets to help understand what the media needs. Sign up here:
  • Marketing Labs – You can’t raise awareness if you haven’t nailed down your core messaging. Branding and messaging can be daunting tasks, but there is help available. Nonprofit marketing is crucial, and its value is often underestimated. Many colleges and universities offer programs that allow their students to gain hands-on experience while helping local small businesses and nonprofits, usually free of charge. Students will work on real challenges that nonprofits are facing, and often will help with research.
  • Online Presence – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: establish your organization online and remain active in searching for new ways to get noticed. Websites, Facebook and Twitter are no-brainers. But use things like Google’s program for nonprofits as well as other search engines for good exposure that will help raise awareness and money.