Standing Out Among Millions – How to Get Attention on Twitter and Facebook

By Monica Clarke
There are 750 million people on Facebook and over a million on Twitter, so how realistic is it that your social media marketing campaign message will be heard? The answer: very realistic if you have the right social media strategy!

Playing the popularity game is what it is all about; the road to getting popular is what needs to be focused on. There are many causes and organizations trying to make a name for themselves, doing great things in the community and really making a difference. But does this all matter if no one knows about it? NO. It doesn’t make an impact. The opportunity to truly impact a community lies in using all of your resources.

Lady Gaga is a person, a brand and even a movement to some. She is a great activist in the LGBT community, a supporter of the arts and individuality, and she has collaborated with organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation to end poverty in New York City. She is a prime example of how we can use our resources to affect the causes we care about. But we aren’t all as talented and famous as Gaga, so that leaves us with the task of finding the missing ingredient: the person, activity or message that will grab the attention of the nation and the world.

Celebrities, TV and magazines may be a key to finding our way through the popularity maze. The public wants to see results fast or be moved in such a way that they actually get out of their seats and on to the proverbial dance floor. Using celebrity spokespeople will gain the attention of their fans as well as the mass media. Celebrities sell – co-branding or collaborating with a “star” may give your cause the spark it needs. But what if you don’t have the outlets to get celebrity endorsement? Turn to where the eyes and ears of your public are: TV, magazines and social networks. These three channels are now considered by some to be an American pastime. So use them to your advantage by posting ads that start a movement, that ask for action and that tie awareness to an outlet—like Facebook and Twitter— through which you can continue to feed the public information.

Once you have them logged in, the major effort must be focused on not losing their attention. Provide content that will get people talking to their friends. Facebook and Twitter content and feeds can be used, when managed properly, to create a domino effect. Ultimately, social media outlets are a catalyst for a timeless and most effective marketing tool: word of mouth.

But don’t drop the ball! Some organizations think that it is enough just to set up a Facebook page or Twitter feed and let it be, and that magically people will want to follow and friend them. But that is not how it works. You must provide something to them that no one else does. Find a key angle and work it – don’t just provide information about your organization, but provide information about the bigger picture. Don’t go unheard, and don’t let your feed be dormant, or I guarantee you will be just another “@” symbol in the crowd.

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