The Life of a PR Intern

By Tara Fee

The past ten weeks of my life I have been enjoying my public relations internship with The Wakeman Agency. It is not an internship where I find myself running errands or stepping out for office coffee runs. I am actually contributing to the agency. I am partaking in real public relations and event planning work. I am responsible for real duties and I love it.PR Intern

Image Sketch of Intern and notpadDuring my time here so far I have engaged in many tasks, tackled several fears and have left each night with something new I have learned. One of my biggest projects as an intern has been assisting with a client’s upcoming event. It has been my responsibility to organize the event’s gift bag by soliciting companies for donations. I have also learned consistency is important because it shows companies that the organization is truly interested.

As everyone knows, the leading aspect of public relations is press releases. I recognize how significant they are to the public relation industry but I fear they are not my best work. I certainly need additional practice because it appears to take me forever to write one. In thinking about the press releases I have written during this internship, I have learned they are an important communication tool to direct at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. I could not imagine a member of the news media reading one of my press releases and essentially find it intriguing to write a story about. I eventually hope to overcome this fear by writing more practice press releases.

Monitoring the media by dissecting newspapers has been another important procedure I have taken on. I have been following New York Times’ journalists to increase my understanding of who writes about what. I surprisingly enjoy dissecting the paper, although very time consuming, I believe it is a great intern project. I definitely see it being important for future reference if I have to pitch to a journalist in the New York Times because I will have somewhat of an idea of who to pitch to.

My favorite intern task and the one I find most enjoyable is the social media aspect. Engaging with social media is a great way to keep up with daily news and to know what is going on around the world. It is great tool to help learn about public relation news or event planning news, if following the correct people. Social media is definitely changing the public relation and event planning game so it is important to be social media savvy.

I hope to continue to gain many new skills and abilities during my time with The Wakeman Agency. I want to expand my knowledge about event planning and gain practice with writing event materials such as event journals, invitations, brochures and much more. I want to be able to know how to make a project plan from scratch and know in detail all the elements that make it up. I want to be able to easily write flawless press releases and pitch them. The Wakeman Agency has been a fantastic and I am excited to continue to gain more hands-on experience.