The Wakeman Agency Tackles the Employment Gap with Generation

The Wakeman Agency is excited to announce a new engagement with Generation, a global nonprofit that is addressing the employment gap and making entry-level employment accessible to disconnected youth. Generation recently received a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation for an impact hiring initiative and retained The Wakeman Agency for a national Awareness campaign.  

Generation has an ambitious two-fold mission: to empower young people to build thriving careers and to provide employers with the talent they need to succeed. According to recent Bureau of Labor statistics, there are 6.7 million job openings and only 6.4 million available workers to fill them in the U.S. Despite these opportunities, under-resourced young people still struggle to find and keep good jobs.

This multi-faceted campaign will:

  • Frame the issue of employment for disconnected youth as one that is solvable.
  • Ignite a national dialogue on how corporations can create long-term solutions that address employee retention issues, while also broadening job opportunities.
  • Position Generation’s leadership and researchers as authorities on impact hiring.
  • Cultivate interest and partnership from potential employer-partners and employee-trainees.

Since Generation operates in multiple cities across the U.S., this campaign will enable The Wakeman Agency to leverage our expansive media relations and thought leadership capabilities to bring national attention to the crucial issue of sustainable employment for disconnected youth. By establishing Generation’s experts as go-to sources for the media, we will establish the organization as an influential force in employment equality and maximize future funding pipelines and corporate partners.