Top Mobile Apps for Business

By Monica Clarke

No matter what you use as a smart phone — iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or a Blackberry — you have a sea of applications available to you to make your life easier and your work seamless. I’m not talking about the “create your own mustache app” or the “what will our baby look like? app,” as fun as those may be. There are developers out there who have taken great pains to make some great applications available for managing your business activities. Here are a few of our top favorite mobile apps for business:

1. Seesmic by WE LOVE SEESMIC! After using and trying many different client managers for social media, we found that Seesmic delivered everything that was needed. This app allows you to post and view feeds from Facebook (personal and company pages), Twitter (multiple accounts) and even Chatter from Salesforce instead of downloading a separate application for each client. Everything is in one perfect application, and with it we are able to stay up to date on all industry activities as well as communicate and interact within our social media channels.

2. Salesforce by Salesforce is a Customer Management tool that is extremely useful. It works with many other tools such as Constant Contact. For some organizations, Salesforce is like air — you cannot do business without it. What makes it even better is that the Salesforce mobile application is extremely thorough. The app will not only let you manage your leads but also mark down and record tasks such as sending an email and making a phone call, including a record of the time and date the call was made. It also has the ability to sync your Salesforce contacts so that no matter where you are, you are able to effectively manage the flow of leads and current customer engagement. It also allows for you to create new leads on the go, which is great for when you are at networking events. You can even assign yourself a follow-up task for when you return to the office. Salesforce also has a separate Chatter social app. However, Seesmic has that area covered as described above. That being said, if you have the type of account that does not include mobile access, you can still access Chatter through the direct-only application.

3. Pin to Pinterest by Beautiful Apps: This is primarily an Android app, but there are similar apps for Apple and Blackberry users. This is a very handy app, as it allows you to pin a photo from your phone or take a photo within the application. I have tried many applications for Pinterest before but they would only give me browsing access or they just seemed too buggy. I have been using this application for about a week now and just love it. It makes instantly catching things of interest and posting them very simple – especially at events, which we do a lot of.

4. Kindle WhisperSync by Here at the agency we do A LOT of reading! Whether we are doing research for a blog or studying up on the most current trending in PR and Event Marketing, many of us use a kindle to access these books. With Kindle WhisperSync, we are able to access our library on the go. It’s great for when you find yourself in a long wait at the coffee shop or a delay on the train. This app takes the hassle out of pulling out your kindle for just a short period of time. Another big bonus is that you are able to send PDFs and eBook downloads to your Kindle email and read them on your Kindle or Kindle app instead of downloading and taking up the space on your computer or phone. The added convenience is a huge time saver.

5. LinkedIn by LinkedIn: This application is a great way to keep up with your professional network on the go, especially if, say, you meet someone at an event or meeting and want to connect with them on LinkedIn directly. This app allows for you to add people to your network immediately instead of exchanging business cards (and potentially losing their info). LinkedIn is also a great way for a potential connection to really remember you. You are also given the choice to sync your LinkedIn contact directly to your phone. You are even able to post new discussion topics within your groups on the go and interact with other group members. The one drawback is that LinkedIn is a high memory app right now, taking up 3.2MB. If you sync your contacts that number will rise, but if you have plenty of room on your phone you will have no problem. And the benefits will outweigh the app size.

Hope I was able to help make your mobile business experience a bit richer and more convenient. We would love to hear what your favorite business applications are. Share with us on our Facebook page or via Twitter:!/WakemanAgency