Walking the Talk: A Tale of Professional Development at The Wakeman Agency

Walking the Talk: A Tale of Professional Development at The Wakeman Agency

darcielBy Daricel Calcano, Administrative Coordinator

I’m fortunate enough to have been with The Wakeman Agency for three out of its 12 years in business. I came on board in August of 2012 as a college intern. And as the Agency has evolved and grown, so, too, have I.

Our fearless founder and CEO Vanessa Wakeman is a big believer in growing talent from within – and giving promising people a chance. That’s why The Wakeman Agency strives to provide opportunities for professionals from all walks of life, from mothers re-entering the workforce and returning military servicepersons to industry newcomers and those seeking more flexible employment that fits well with their lives.

I am the poster child for what happens when The Wakeman Agency takes a young university student with lots of ideas (and lots to learn!) under its wing. I have worked my way up the ranks, learning and growing at every turn. While my peers might have been filling coffee cups, making copies or filing papers during their internships, I was thrust into the real world of event planning and public relations. And the best part of all was helping clients, learning about social-change causes and performing work from a place of service in ways I knew would make a difference.

With my third anniversary with the firm just around the corner, I have been reflecting a lot lately of my time here. I am now an official part-time staff member, proof that Vanessa invests in team members who similarly invest in the Agency through their time, passion and commitment. I have grown confident (and more competent) in my role. During any given day, I might be consulting with nonprofit organizations about their needs, securing venues for major fundraising events or interacting with incredible panelists and thought leaders. Each week is different and keeps me motivated, on my toes and continuously learning. I feel a great sense of responsibility, but it is one I value and hold dearly. I am entrusted to deliver, and when it all comes together, seeing the end result makes it all worth it.

I am grateful for the opportunities that I’ve received and will continue to enjoy in my role with The Wakeman Agency.

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