What Brings you Joy?

By Katie Cray

Dozens of people creatively answered that question — What brings you joy? — with their own artistic expressions for a new exhibit curated by a local nonprofit. Artwork submitted by artists, students and even The Wakeman Agency team members can now be viewed at Grace Institute’s Joy exhibit. From December 1, 2011 through January 13, 2012, individual representations of Joy are on display at Grace’s art gallery at 1233 Second Avenue in New York City. joy art exhibit

When asked to participate in this exhibit by contributing something that brought each of us joy, we all had something different (and yet similar in some ways) come to mind. I thought of my family, my dog and my rescue dogs. I have a big family, so the joy from being around them is limitless. Doogie, my dog, brings me joy every single day. He is a constant source of love and happiness, and if you’ve never seen a Pit Bull smile – just wait until you see his photos. Doogie’s life wasn’t always joyful, so the fact that it is now full of joy brings me happiness. Anyone who has rescued an animal knows that kind of joy. And of course there’s a huge amount of joy every time one of my rescue dogs finally goes home with his “forever family,” but it’s the little moments with them that count, too. Like their expression the moment they realize that they’re loved back for the first time ever. Or when they’ve been adopted and I go back months later. The reunion is beyond incredible. They never forget who they love and who loves them.

We each find joy in different things, and that’s what makes our team so unique. Monica photographed her husband and her dog being silly, because they make her smile on a daily basis. She loves that silliness can never be separated from her joy. Vanessa decided to part with one of her designer handbags for six weeks so it could be displayed in Grace’s gallery. Mason finds joy in her children and showed that by submitting a series of family photos. Jessica captured her dog mid-air as he was prancing through the snow. It seems that the things that bring us the most joy are the little things and the big things, all rolled into one.

Check out our pieces on display at Grace Institute’s Gallery in New York City, and also right here!