Public Relations

What would happen if more people knew about your organization, its relevance and its role within the social change ecosystem? Chances are you would have more support to carry out your work. Most nonprofit organizations are making great strides, but need more individual and institutional supporters to know what they do, why they do it and why it matters. We help organizations tell those stories in a way that connects the dots for audiences and propels them to action.  

Public relations in its broadest sense encompasses a number of tools such as strategic communications, message architecture, thought leadership, positioning, social media and more. We leverage these tools to help create a narrative that links your organization with the appropriate audiences. An effective public relations campaign will build an emotional connection with your stakeholders and prompt them to action.

Some nonprofits say they can’t afford to invest in PR. We say you can’t afford not to! With more than 1.5M registered charities in the United States and a finite pool of resources, there is competition for financial and other support resources. By leveraging public relations you heighten the profile and impact of your organization.

Depending on your goals, we will identify the best strategic and tactical approach to execute upon. We are often called upon by organizations to create Awareness, Thought Leadership or Programmatic campaigns. Each of these campaigns requires that we work with our clients closely to extract the most compelling stories about the organization. Our impact has spanned communities, stakeholders, audiences and issues of many types, emanating from the inside out.

We perform research, conduct analysis and mine the landscape of your space with an ear to the ground, an eye toward trend-spotting and a voice that ensures influencers take note. We will ask probing questions. And in some cases we may make recommendations that require you to try new approaches.

The old rules of engagement have changed in the world of media. We are well equipped to help you navigate the forever-changed world of news, linking you with reporters, producers, bloggers, vloggers, reviewers, citizen journalists, and other opinion-framers and informers with the end goal of connecting you to stakeholders.

The public relations discipline has entered an exciting new era, one that allows organizations to connect with their public in a myriad of ways.

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