The Wakeman Agency Launches C³ Diagnostic

Data-based tool enables organizations to communicate more effectively with diverse audiences & accelerate systemic change

New York, April 18, 2023: The Wakeman Agency announced the launch of its Culturally Competent Communications (C³) Diagnostic tool. It was created in response to the urgent need expressed by both nonprofit and corporate organizations across all sectors to improve cultural fluency.

A report from the Institute for Public Relations and The Wakeman Agency found that 97% of professional communicators surveyed agree that the use of exclusionary language can influence or reinforce power dynamics in the workplace. Yet even those who fully acknowledge the importance of using inclusive language often find it difficult to do so effectively. 

“We created these tools in response to findings that many organizations are struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing communication needs,” said Vanessa Wakeman, CEO of The Wakeman Agency. “They need data-driven tools and readily applicable solutions to create more compelling internal and external communications that reflect a greater level of cultural fluency.

“In addition, in moments of crisis, an organization may find that its messaging is inadequate. These tools enable communicators to be prepared to address unfolding events with agility as well as maintain ongoing authentic brand engagement.”

The Wakeman Agency’s expertise in communicating with multicultural audiences is informed by two decades of experience working at the intersection of social justice and communications. Wakeman has developed a suite of tools to help organizations develop communication practices aligned with their mission: The Lexicon Project™  and C³ Diagnostic. These innovative tools provide parameters in messaging, industry-specific language and operational architecture. 

C³ Diagnostic deploys a comprehensive audit to evaluate an organization’s capacity to use communications to foster engagement among audiences of diverse identities and experiences. Through a range of precise measures, the nature and quality of communications practices and infrastructure are examined to determine organizational fitness in support of engaging and inclusive messaging. The resulting diagnostic report provides specific, customized recommendations that position the organization to invest more fully in current strengths while also adopting strategies for growth in areas of need.

The Lexicon Project invites organizations into the deep exploration of narrative and language that translates to effective and culturally competent communications. It applies a structured process to evaluate impact and alignment of language paired with strategic support that strengthens leadership and staff communication skill sets.

Wakeman concluded, “We know the pivotal role that language plays in advancing systemic bias or creating actions toward equity. But communication misalignment can thwart an organization’s best intentions. Through these tools, we offer a highly effective way to analyze and then enhance fluency in communications aligned with diverse audiences. This is a powerful step when seeking to accelerate organizational change and build more inclusive, just ecosystems.”

For more information on C³ Diagnostic and the Lexicon Project, visit here.

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